“We need a chef. A good one.”

Now, the Tesco wine aisle is not the kind of place where great chefs typically find a new job.

But then The Black Horse landlady Jen has a more personal approach to her business.

And she was talking to a friend – who happens to be married to Brian Stringer. Brian is now the excellent chef already delighting our customers with his modern take on classic pub food using local, seasonal ingredients.

And anyway, Brian is not the kind of chef who sticks to the rules when it comes to his career – one that includes yacht deckhand/onboard chef, Cornish forestry work and window cleaning (at the heady heights of Canary Wharf no less).

Along the way, Brian has worked his way up through kitchens and restaurant management in the UK and Australia, including stints at The Slug and Lettuce and London’s Belgo chain. After each kitchen, he took his favourite ingredients to spice up the mix in the next.

“Working at The Gate, a vegetarian restaurant in London, gave me a newfound appreciation for the freshest produce and a new view of vegetarian cooking,” says Brian.

“I have been my own boss, and I have worked for other people, but one thing remains the same, I love being in the kitchen, creating menus and preparing meals that people will love.”

Well Brian, they certainly do.

“We had the most divine Sunday lunch at The Black Horse in Findon last Sunday. There were 10 of us, and we all wanted something different, but every plate that came out of the kitchen was delicious. Our tummies went home very happy.”

Jo Lark, Arundel, West Sussex.

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